snapshot taken at NYC's "The Box", during a live finale performance choreographed and art directed by Cass, and her amazing team of dancers.

Cass Jones is a creative Jane of all Trades. At a young age she began creating, mentored by her father Dave Jones, a multi talented artist himself. Continued support from her family and friends has encouraged her to chase her passion.  She works professionally with many mediums, & with a diverse assortment of subject matter. Currently her work can be viewed at Pompette Wines (420 Lenox Ave, Harlem NYC), a chalk mural, which changes monthly.  Cass is also accepting new commisions currently, for all mediums. 

This September 8th, 2017 Cass will be a featured artist at the "KO-llision " fashion debut event of Minika Ko's new line,  for NYFW. This will be held at the Holy Apostles Church of NYC. Tickets are available online at the link below.

Minika Ko's Ko-llision Show at the Holy Apostles Gallery. 


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